Changes to Route 6 M-F
We will make some slight changes to Route 6 M-F beginning on Monday, September 25. Please click on the Route 6 schedule for an updated timetable. 

IndiGO News

We have some awesome and dedicated drivers

Myrtle Faser, is a familiar face to anyone who has ridden our  Route 12 or Route 1 buses. “I like to interact with the people who ride my bus,” said Myrtle, who has driven a lot of IUP student passengers over the years. Myrtle enjoys interacting with them, having spent 16 years as a school bus driver at Smith Bus Company. 

“It’s like having my high school kids all over again. I treat the IUP students like my own kids, I look after them,” she explained, “But I also take care of my senior riders too!” 

Myrtle, who grew up in Coral and now lives in Blairsville, has been with IndiGO for six years and describes her co-workers are helpful in a variety of situations. Away from work, Myrtle loves to spend time with her three-year-old and seven-month-old grandchildren. She and her husband of 30 years, Jeff, have two grown daughters and like to ride their Harley in the summer months. 

Thank you, Myrtle, for being such an amazing driver and being so dedicated to your riders!