Route 5
Due to an paving at S&T Arena, Route 5 will not be able to service the stop at the Arena until Monday, July 29. Route 5 will instead stop at the STA Bus Garage entrance. Download the myStop app and stay up to date with real-time rider alerts!
New Routes Starting in August
Beginning, the week of Aug. 4, new routes servicing Smicksburg/Punxsutawney and Brush Valley/Blairsville/Indiana will begin. 

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Route 1
Operates Monday - Saturday

Services: IUP Oak Grove, Carriage House, Westgate Terrace, Philadelphia Street, Indiana Jr. & Sr. High, Chevy Chase, BiLo (McGregor Street), Aldi, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Regency Mall, Westgate Terrace & more! 
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Route 2
Operates Monday-Saturday

Services: Orchard Hills, Walmart, YMCA, Barclay Heights, Poets Village, Giant Eagle, YMCA, St. Andrews Village, Indiana Social Center, Big Lots & more!
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Route 3
Operates Monday-Friday

Services:Indiana Mall, IndiGo Customer Service, CareerLink, 119 Professional Center, IRMC, Human Motion Institute, C.S. Medical, Walmart, Indiana County Jail, Jimmy Stewart Airport, CareerLink, 6th Street Medical, ICTC/WCCC, Community Guidance Center, Philadelphia Street, & More! 
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Route 5
Operates Monday-Saturday

Services: Dunkin’, Regency Mall, Indiana Mall, BiLo, Clairvaux Commons, S&T Arena, Hickory Meadows, Downtown Indiana (Water Street, Philadelphia Street) & More!
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Route 6
Operates Monday-Saturday

Services: Homer City, Graceton/Coral, Josephine, Blacklick, Blairsville, Bergman's Hardware, IRMC Indiana, IRMC Chestnut Ridge, Blairsville Walmart, Indiana County Workship/Aging Services, Downtown Indiana, Indiana Mall & More!
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Route 7
Operates Wednesday Only

Services: Plumville, Old Mahoning Road, Smicksburg, Stephenson Road, McCormick Road, Home, Philadelphia Street, Regency Mall, Indiana Mall, Aldi, Indiana Walmart, Giant Eagle, Big Lots & More!
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Route 8
Operates Friday Only

Services: Plumville, Old Mahoning Road, Smicksburg, Stephenson Road, McCormick Road, Home, Punxsutawney Walmart, Punxsy Plaza, ATA
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Route 9
Operates Tuesday Only

Services: Waterman, Hillside Enterprises, Stauffer's Mini Barns, Brush Valley, Abe's Custom Furniture, Auld's Run Road, IRMC, Indiana Mall, Blairsville Walmart, I-Care Blairsville, Bergman's Hardware
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Route 10 
Operates Monday-Friday, IUP Spring and Fall Semester

Services: Robertshaw, IUP Baseball Fields, Rustic Lodge Apartments, Westgate Apartments, Spring Meadow, Poet's Village, Oak Grove, IUP Parking Garage, Oakland Hall
Schedule TBA 

Route 12
Operates Monday-Sunday

Services: Walmart, Aldi, Giant Eagle, Indiana Mall, Regency Mall, Hamilton Apts., Elm Apts., Westgate Terrace, IndiGO, IUP Robertshaw, Stephenson, Wallwork, Pratt, & More!
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IUP Park-n-Ride (Routes 20 and 21)
Operates Monday-Friday, IUP Spring & Fall Semesters 

Services: Robertshaw, Folger Dining Hall, Stephenson Hall, The HUB/CO-OP, Wallwork Hall, Delaney Suites, Suites on Maple East, IRMC, KCAC, Stouffer Hall, R&P Lot & More! 
Schedule TBA

IUP Park-n-Ride (Route 22)
Operates Saturday and Sunday Only, IUP Spring & Fall Semesters

Robertshaw, R&P Lot, Stephenson Hall, Folger Dining Hall, The HUB/CO-OP, Wallwork Hall, Delaney Suites
Schedule TBA

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