Memorial Day
IndiGO will be closed on Memorial Day, May 27. Service will resume on Tuesday, May 28. Download the myStop app to stay informed.

Bike 'N Ride

Ride Your Bike to the Bus

Bike racks have been installed on INDIGO's buses! This feature can save you time, money, and help protect our environment, too. Just ride your bike to a bus stop, put your bike on the rack, and hop on the bus! Biking and taking public transportation are excellent ways to help create alternate transit options - and that contribute to clear air and more livable communities.

The bike racks on INDIGO buses can hold two bikes. If a bike rack is full or unavailable, INDIGO allows bicycles to be placed inside the bus when space permits. Either way, there is no charge for bringing your bike along.

Using the Bike Rack: Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Lower Rack - Squeeze center handle and pull down.
Step 2: Load Bike - Place bike in one of the two bike spaces.
Step 3: Secure Wheel - Pull the security arm over the bike's wheel to keep the bike in place. The only contact is with the wheel of the bike, so there is no damage to the bike frame.

Each passenger is responsible for placing his or her bike on the bus, and for removing it. If you are finished using the bike rack and the rack is empty, please place the bike rack in the folded position.

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