Changes to Route 6 M-F
We will make some slight changes to Route 6 M-F beginning on Monday, September 25. Please click on the Route 6 schedule for an updated timetable. 

IndiGO News

Our drivers keep the wheels moving at IndiGO

Meet IndiGO driver, Bill Wagner. You may have seen Bill out on the road in one of our Shared Ride vehicles because he certainly covers a lot of territory! On the day we talked to him he had taken someone to work, another client to dialysis and another to Aging Services’ Social Center – and he was just getting started. 

Bill has been with IndiGO for a little over two years and likes “meeting people and not going to the same place every day” as a Shared Ride Driver. By getting to know his passengers, Bill has met some great people and reports, “You wouldn’t believe the interesting stories that are right here in Indiana County!” Bill also enjoys working with and talking to his co-workers. 

When he’s not at work, Bill, who previously worked as a machinist, likes to kayak, bike and spend time with his wife, three children and dog.