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Route 1 - Operates Monday thru Saturday 6:00am to 9:36pm - Services: IUP Oak Grove, Carriage House, Regency Mall, Westgate, Indiana Mall, Giant Eagle, Walmart, Chevy Chase, Bilo (McGregor St.), Philadelphia St. Schedule

Route 2 - Operates Monday thru Friday, 7:20am-5:15pm - Services: The Arch, Spring Meadows, Barclay Heights, WCCC, Assistance Office, Giant Eagle, Indiana Mall, Social Center, Big Lots, County Jail, and Animal Shelter Schedule

Route 3 - Operates Monday thru Friday 7:20am to 5:15pm - Services: Indiana Mall, Human Motion, I.R.M.C., 119 Professional, Philadelphia St, C.S. Medical, Career Link, URBN, Orchard Hills, Careerlink, and Ramada Inn Schedule

Route 4 - Operates Monday thru Friday 7:35am thru 6:20pm (IUP Fall & Spring Semester) - Services: The Arch, The Verge, Westgate, Diamond Drug, Robertshaw, Oakland Hall, Arbys, Parking Garage, IUP Oak Grove, IUP Pratt Hall, 11th & Church St. Schedule

Route 5 - Operates Monday thru Saturday 7:20am to 5:15pm - Services: Guidance Center, Hickory Meadows, N. 4th St Bilo, 8th & Water St, Regency Mall, Indiana Mall, Dunkin Donuts, S&T Arena, Clairvaux Commons Schedule

Route 6 - Operates Monday thru Friday 6:20am to 10:15am, 12:20pm to 2:15pm, 3:20pm to 5:15pm, 6:20pm to 8:08pm - Services: Homer City, Graceton / Coral, Josephine, Blacklick, Blairsville, Bergmans, I.R.M.C. Indiana, Indiana County Workshop, Indiana Mall Schedule

Route 6 Saturday - Operates Saturday Only 8:20am to 12:15pm and 1:20pm to 5:08pm - Services: Indiana Mall, I.R.M.C. Indiana, Homer City, Graceton / Coral, Josephine, Blacklick, Blairsville, (Walmart) Schedule

Route 7 - Operates Wednesday Only 7:20am to 10:22am and 2:25pm to 5:50pm - Services: Plumville, Old Mahoning Rd, Smicksburg, Stephenson Rd, McCormick Rd, Home Pa, Philadelphia St., Regency Mall, Indiana Mall, Aldi, Walmart Schedule

Route 8 - Operates Saturday Only 7:20am to 5:15pm - Services: Indiana Mall, Walmart, Orchard Hills, URBN, CVS, Barclay Heights, Poets Village, Big Lots, The Arch, Indiana Social Center, IRMC, Robert Shaw and Dunkin' Donuts Schedule

Route 12 - Operates Monday thru Saturday 7:20am to 9:53pm | Sunday schedule operates from 10:20am thru 3:53pm - Services: Walmart, Indiana Mall, Westgate Terrace, Regency Mall, Robertshaw, Stephenson Hall, Wallwork Hall, Hamilton Apts, Pratt Hall, The Verge, Aldi's Schedule

IUP Park-n-Ride - Operates Monday thru Friday. Park-n-Ride operate continuously every 15 minutes from 7:10am to 10:10pm IUP Spring & Fall Semesters) - Services: Robertshaw, R&P Parking Lot, Stephenson Hall, Folgers Dining Hall, HUB / CO-OP, Wallwork Hall, Delaney Suites, IRMC, KCAC, Suites on Maple, Stouffer Hall. Schedule

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1657 Saltsburg Avenue
P.O. Box 869
Indiana, PA 15701
1-800-442-6928 or (724) 465-2140
Indiana County Transit Authority

12/4/2022 3:16:45 AM

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