ADA Complimentary Paratransit Service

Persons 65+ Free Transit Program

If you are 65 years of age or older, you are eligible for a FREE Transit Card!

This card is a "State-Issued" card and can be used on any participating public transportation system in the State of Pennsylvania.

This card can be used to ride FREE of charge!

Applications can be obtained by calling or stopping by the IndigoBUS Transit Center during normal business hours, clicking on the PDF application below or by using the online registration form also below.

The IndiGO does require proof of age (valid driver's license, birth certificate, etc).

When using the online registration form, you will have to scan or PDF your proof of age. When returning a hard copy application or a PDF you printed from the link below, a copy of proof of age must also be submitted.

The following are the accepted forms of proof of age:

  • Armed Forces Discharge/Separation Papers
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • PACE Identification Card
  • Passport/Naturalization Papers
  • PA ID Card
  • PA Drivers License

Statement of Age from US Social Security Administration

For those folks who would like to sign up in person, IndiGO offers a complimentary ride to the Transit Center to receive your FREE Transit Card. Don't forget to bring along your proof of age (Medicare cards are NOW accepted, PLEASE SEE BELOW). Show your proof of age to the bus driver and tell him or her that you are going to the IndiGO business office to get your FREE Transit Card. They'll ride you there free of charge.

In lieu of a free senior transit identification card, IndiGO may accept a Medicare Card and/or a Railroad Retirement Card along with a government issued photo ID showing date of birth (driver license, non-driver ID card, passport, etc.) to establish eligibility for free travel. These documents must be presented to the driver as you board. IndiGO strongly encourages all riders 65 or older to apply for the FREE TRANSIT CARD.

65+ Free Transit Application (PDF)

ALL FIELDS REQUIRED unless otherwise indicated.

Date of Birth
Indiana County Transit Authority

5/20/2022 7:19:31 AM

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